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Hello, and welcome to Zeecrew Cake Shop. My name is Chinonso, and I am the founder of Zeecrew Events and General Services. So today, we are going to be looking into how to trim your cake perfectly to achieve smooth cake that will be easy for decoration. So here, I will be trimming a 6-inch cake. First of all, you have to bake your cake right. That is one step in achieving a perfectly trimmed cake. After baking your cake, the next thing is to allow your cake to cool, and then you proceed. So I'm going to slice the cake top and layer it with buttercream or any filling of choice and then trim it. So here I'll be trimming three cakes in one, which is vanilla and strawberry. I think I have two vanilla cakes and one strawberry. First of all, always cut out the top of the cake to give it a leveled surface, where you will now apply your buttercream to aid in the layering. Butter cream adds more moisture to the cake as well as more sweetness. When you butter cream your cakes, before layering it, it gives it balance, good taste, and moisture. All right? So it's very important that you layer your cake, either with butter cream or chocolate ganache, depending on what you want. Then another thing in trimming a cake so perfectly is how you keep your knife. So for a 6-inch I always put in maybe probably a dowel rod or a skewer inside it so that the cake doesn't move. And again, make sure you position your knife in a very straight position so that trimming will be made easy. Gently cut the sides. And remember, when you're doing this, you need a lot of patience. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time. The aim is to achieve perfectly trimmed cake. It's always advisable to cut the cake bit by bit so that you don't cut deep into the main cake. So when you're trimming it, be very observant of what you're doing and be very careful. Trim it gently, slowly, gradually, so that you will achieve the result that you desire. All right?

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